My Passion

I am very passionate. I am an all or nothing kind of person so when I really believe in something, it shows. Passion is one of my favorite qualities about myself though I think it scares people at times. We have so many mediocre people in this life that are afraid to feel freely and strongly about things in fear of  something/one disappointing them or not reciprocating. I’ve seen people guard themselves in that way with love and politics, to advancing at work. I think that God gave us passion when he gave us compassion. The definition of compassion is: a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering. I think without the accompaniment part of that definition, it is simply sympathy. I believe we need to have a passion to do what we can to help in order to truly be compassionate. Watching the faces of orphans on a commercial and tearing up is not the same as having compassion. God gave us that fire that we call passion to ignite with sympathy and make a difference. We need a strong desire to take action.

I am taking my first trip in this journey on December 1st to Haiti. During the last couple months of researching, I came across an organization called World Wide Village that is involved with working with orphanages, Christian schools, medical care, as well as rebuilding houses and churches that were destroyed in the earthquake. This first trip is for seven days and my main purpose is to look into the internship program they have there, though I will be on a team working with the community there. This organization offers internships that are a minimum of two months and can go on much longer. Though I am not sure what the long term future that God has for me looks like yet, I feel I need to be proactive and start working towards that goal. God has not only opened this door for me, but has also provided for all of the funds for me to go. I know that God is going to further grow my compassion on this trip and I look forward to it. I want everyone that I come across to see His compassion in my heart and for it to be contagious to grow their own and take action.

This last month was an interesting one in this journey and what God is doing in my heart in preparation. It’s been somewhat of a roller coaster of amazing new friendships and the loss of some, extreme joy and crippling depression, excitement and worry. Sometimes when we know we are right where God wants us to be, we think it’s going to all feel secure and content. What I’ve realized is that God takes the vulnerability that we have in the security of knowing we are in His will, and uses that for molding us and the things around us to what He wants it to look like.  The great thing about that is that even through the pain of the molding process, He is right there to balance it out with His compassion for us.


One comment on “My Passion

  1. Randy says:

    What an incredible truth Cynthia – that “God takes the vulnerability that we have in our security of knowing that we’re in His will and uses that to mold us” – that is the only way we can be used to full capacity by God. Mold me, shape me, make me and even bake me, Lord if you have to, so You can use me! Love your journey…and glad we can share it with you! ~dad

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