First Trip to Haiti- Part One

Haitian girls

Port Au Prince


I am officially in Haiti as I write this. It seems to have been the longest road to get here but definitely intentional. I have realized so many times since I have arrived why it took so many months for God to prepare me to come here, but not at all in the ways that I would have thought.

I am well seasoned with missions trips, though it has been a few years since I was on one. I am on a team of eight people this week. There are two couples, David and Sue who are older, and a younger couple named Kyle and Cheryl Schow along with their two teenagers, Bailee and Ben. They are all from Nebraska and awesome. The older couple have been here four times before but the Schows have never done anything like this.  Being here alongside this family and their first experience has been such a blessing for me.

Sunday was our first day here and we didn’t start any real work until Monday so I wasn’t sure what to expect from that day. We went to an English speaking church and then went to a restaurant for lunch. We spent the rest of the day driving through the capitol city of Port Au Prince. The bottom two pictures above is an idea of what it looks like everywhere in this city.  It is interesting watching the Schow family and their response to the poverty. They keep saying how overwhelming it is. What is odd is how NOT overwhelming it is to me. It’s really interesting. I know I have been to foreign countries before and am not ignorant to poverty, but it’s like my heart is numb to it a little. I was talking to Kyle that night who was just seriously rocked by the things he saw that day and he asked me what I thought about it. I told him how surprised I was at my own reaction and I started really thinking about it. At first, I was worried…aren’t I supposed to be really “touched” by this?!? I mean…this is supposed to be my calling!! Where are the tears?? The gasping for breath?? When I started saying my reaction out loud, it made me think of when I used to work with Foster Kids. I always said I didn’t want to be a Social Worker because even though they’re doing it to help the kids, they have to separate themselves emotionally in order to survive doing that job. I never wanted to take the emotion and love I had for those kids away. I felt like God was pointing that out in my mind to make me realize that this has been the last 4 months of preparation. I have been really emotional about it at home but I can’t really be that way here when I think about living here. I wouldn’t survive and be as effective.  My heart is so here and with these people but I’m not paralyzed by it.

I will post again while I’m here but  if you’d like to see my pictures, here is the link to my Facebook page.
If we are not friends on FB and you can’t see them, send me a friend invite:-) I would love to share this journey with you.



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