My Journey- Year 2 in Haiti

Me and my baby Yberman

Me and my baby Yberman

It has been a LONG time since I have posted a blog.  Since my blogs often come out of specific circumstances or situations, I find it hard to blog without a complete plan or story. I realize though, that by not blogging regularly you are not able to completely be a part of my journey….and for that I apologize.

It has been an interesting year. If I’m being completely transparent, it is has not been easy. I have been settled here and I have known what to expect this year, which has made it a different dynamic than last year. It is still everything that I have been praying and looking forward to and I have known what to look for in this new life of mine. This comes with excitement and controversy.

This year I have experienced the fullness of living as a full-time Missionary. It has been full of amazing teams from the US, and new awesome opportunities to meet others, just like myself, that are here and serving in one capacity or an other. I have become more independent and started driving on my own, just to places near my house, but still….it’s amazing and exhilarating. I have a new church that I identify with and that is full of broken and bruised Christians, wanting more of our Father God and His word.


Interns at a Waterfall


Interns…gangsta style yo.

One of my positions with World Wide Village is to recruit and Supervise our College Interns during the Summer Break. This year, they were here fromJune 1st-August 1st. I didn’t think, after last year’s ladies that I would possibly be pleased or compare, but God outdid himself this year. I had the most amazing group of ladies that I was able to learn from and grow, and hopefully teach a thing or two about full-time ministry in a foreign country. They ministered to me so much with their Faith and Humor whilst doing God’s work. They were able to provide for me some friendships that I desperately needed and long for while I’m alone here for so long.



Kayla and I and our tour guide Patrick!



Snorkeling with Kayla!







I was also lucky enough to spend a week with one of my most amazing friends from LA, Kayla and we went snorkeling, prayed a lot, and I got to share my life and this beautiful country with her. It was so special to me:-)

I am so blessed by the team members that I have met and that want to bless me individually.  As well as the amazing feeling that I have knowing that I have their prayerful backing for me while I am here in the trenches and working on the follow-up from the teams that come. Sometimes it is easy to follow-up and keep up with those who have come before, but sometimes it is hard! This last week was a recurring team from a church in Iowa with many familiar faces. They are friends and Godly people that have been here to pray and encourage me since last Fall and I so appreciate them. While God is doing a great work through teams like this, the enemy is not stoked. With that comes push back from him that I have mentioned before. This week he took it to a whole new level.


Abby, Allison, and Ali! I love friends on teams:-)

The first ministry/clinic day that this team had on Monday I was hit hard. That night I received some very nasty text messages that were very specific to me and said that I need to leave Haiti within 7 days if I wanted to leave alive. No joke. I’m 33 yrs old and I don’t know about you….but this is my first death threat. I have handled it the best way that I have been instructed to and I have tried to not let myself be crippled by fear. I know that God allowed this to happen this week because I was covered with almost 25 people and their hugs and prayers, not to mention friends and family back home. That definitely takes the edge off but there is still hurt. What could I have possibly done to have someone hate me so much? Should I just leave and not have to worry about these things? Am I just fooling myself that I am doing something worth while here? The words sent were personal and untrue, but still very painful to read.



At the end of the day, God has my back. I don’t believe that He has put me here to be in fear or ineffective. I don’t believe that I have done anything to deserve these threats. I do believe that I have started becoming more independent and comfortable here. I am making it my home, by decorating my room, allowing myself to have comforts that I haven’t experienced here yet, meeting people that call and want to hang out and I can actually build relationships with. That is a threat against my enemy for sure. A threat that I have plans to fulfill God’s plan for me here no matter how long that plan is, and I intend to stick it out. I love my life here and no matter how difficult it is, I know that God has equipped me for it.

We have started the school year here in Haiti and with that comes a lot of responsibility on me and our Student Sponsorship program. It is also my favorite part of what I do here. I am keeping busy and will be heading home for the Holidays on November 20th until the 1st of January.

My Daddio baptizing me again in June in the Caribbean. FAVORITE DAY.

My Daddio baptizing me again in June in the Caribbean. FAVORITE DAY.

In that time, I will need to raise roughly $20,000 to maintain myself here in Haiti for all of 2015. I raised a little less than that for this year, but have since realized it wasn’t quite enough. God is amazing and has provided for my way to be here and I trust and believe that he will again. If you would like to help give towards this daunting number that I need to raise, please visit and donate, or send a check to Cynthia Foster to 3147 Encinal Ave, La Crescenta, Ca 91214. Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support. I can tell you honestly, I have felt them this week.

*Cynthia Ann Foster



One comment on “My Journey- Year 2 in Haiti

  1. Isabelle says:

    Hello, I have stumbled across your insta page and read a few of your blogs. It is so interesting to read about foreigners like you about my homeland. Where do you live exactly? What has been your most poudest moment since you started serving in Haiti? Hope to hear from you soon:-)

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